Rocking Chair Exercises

Rocking Chair Exercises

Rocking chair exercises are beneficial to people with limited mobility, back pain and senior citizens. Rocking can build up strength and improve muscles and it can help to restore health.

If you’re trying to think of a way to sneak some exercise in for health or weight loss, consider rocking in a rocking chair. It is free, it’s easy, it’s not very time consuming and you can do it with others or while doing something else. Did you know when you are sitting in a rocking chair rocking and knitting or reading a book that you are really exercising? Rocking chair exercises are used as therapy for convalescents and seniors. Exercising in a rocking chair is also considered beneficial in relieving lower back pain. People who have limited mobility can exercise in rocking chairs to restore their strength and mobility.

Rocking and exercising can be combined with other activities. You can chat and rock, listen to music or watch TV and rock and do other activities like hobbies while rocking. The rocking rhythm has a soothing, calming effect. So your rocking exercises are also good for stress relief.

Rocking exercises core muscles, the abdominals, the stomach muscles, the feet, calves, gluteals, legs and back. Movements your body makes when rocking also help to trim the waistline. Of course the movement is good for your health and skin because it improves the circulation of the blood and oxygenates the skin.

Sitting in a rocking chair and rocking can be a strengthening exercise for the legs. You are pushing off with your feet and your soleus and gastrocnemius muscles. That could help to develop, tone and strengthen your calf muscles. Lifting the front of your feet could exercise your soleus muscles more. Rocking also exercises and strengthens your leg muscles.

So when you don’t have time to exercise, sit down in a rocking chair and rock. You can do your rocking chair exercises with other people in your household while talking or doing other things. Rocking is a quieter kind of exercise, too. You won’t be disturbing anyone with noises exercising. If you are, consider putting a rug or carpet under the chair.

It is best to have a straight back rocking chair. You can position cushions or pillows in the chair for comfort. You should be able to put your feet flat on the floor. Rest your arms and hands on the arms of the chair or on your lap.

Of course you and add variations to your rocking chair exercises. One variation is holding your abdomen in while you are rocking. You can put your hands behind your head and rock. You can also lift a leg or both legs and rock.

You can combine spending time outside with rocking by rocking on the patio or deck. Alternate exercises could be done with a glider, easier exercises that exercise muscles different ways. Some time when you are waiting for something and you have set aside twenty or forty minutes for that, you could use that time as exercise time by sitting in a rocking chair and rocking. If you have a simple task to do, sit in a rocking chair and rock while you’re doing it.

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